Mistakes Made by Fort Mill Birthing Center Result in Baby’s Death

The Fort Mill maternity center has been named the defendant in a wrongful death lawsuit filed by a woman who lost her baby as a result of birthing complications.

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Katherine Wagner expected to deliver her child naturally. She was completely prepared to do so in March when she started to go into labor while at the Fort Mills birthing center, but when complications during labor made a natural delivery impossible, she was admitted to the hospital. The medical staff at the hospital was able to save Wagner’s life, but they weren’t able to save the life of her child.

One of the biggest complaints that Wagner lodged against the birthing center is that rather than using an electronic fetal heart monitor to gauge her child’s well-being, the mid-wife used her hand to feel the infant’s heartbeat.

  1. Randall Hood, the attorney assisting the Wagner’s with their lawsuit stated that the center should not have even considered assisting Katherine Wagner when she approached them about assisting with her natural childbirth because a previous miscarriage meant she wasn’t low risk pregnancy.

H23k-0841 (1)This isn’t the first time the Fort Mills birthing center has found itself in the middle of a wrongful death scandal. Six months after Wagner lost her child, another infant died. The second death spurred South Florida’s public health agency into action and they closed the birthing center on a temporary basis. The grounds for the temporary suspension of operation was that South Florida’s Department of Health and Environmental Control found that two of the mid-wives who worked for the enter violated South Florida regulations when they failed to immediately contact the doctor who was on call when it became apparent that the labor was turning into an emergency.

The DHEC is also concerned with the fact that the midwife failed to call an ambulance when it became apparent that the laboring woman needed to be admitted to the emergency room, and instead opted to use her own vehicle to transport her.

Now the Department of Health and Environmental Control fully intends to be more watchful regarding the actions of all the midwives and midwife clinics throughout South Carolina.

In the lawsuit, the reasons Wagner’s provide for naming the Fort Mill birthing center as the defendant is that they used deceptive trade practices.


“South Florida lawmaker specifically create laws in order to prevent situations like this from happening,” said Attorney Matthew J. Jacobs of johnbales.com, South Florida’s top personal injury firm. “If a birthing facility is either unable or unwilling to adhere to the regulations already in place, they need to close their doors. My heart goes out to the family who put their trust in a facility and system that clearly didn’t have their best interests in mind.”

If you trusted a birthing center to help you safely deliver your child and were exposed to dangerous practices that resulted in an injury to you or you baby, you need to contact an John Bales Attorneys to book a consultation.


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Wrongful Death Suit Filed by Widow After Tragic Accident

An explosion at a frozen food company in Chatsworth resulted in death for at least one man.  Now, his widow has filed a lawsuit related to wrongful death.  She has filed this against the company as well as the company that makes its electrical equipment.

Hazel Ann Schaefer is the widow that is actually suing Chef America.  The amount that she is suing for has not been released.  She has alleged that the company was using electrical equipment that they were aware was defective.  She alleged that this resulted in the death of her husband Keith who was 60 years old.   He was an electrical worker and he had been burned by an explosion that look place on July 25.

Firefighters fighting burning blazeIt was not possible to reach someone to speak on behalf of Chef America in order for them to give a comment.  A spokesman for the company did make a statement shortly after the explosion.  The spokesman said that Schaefer was working with others to replace a breaker that was on the main electrical panel.  That is when the explosion took place.

“Somebody dropped the main panel on some high-voltage wires,” the spokesman said. “There was a flash, and they were burned.”

Keith Schaefer had second and third degree burns.  He did die from these injuries at the Sherman Oaks Community Hospital. Jose Medrano, 39, of Northridge as well as Evaristo Taladera, 19, of Burbank were also injured in the explosion. These two men that were injured were not employed by Chef America as they were independent contractors. in the day there were two Los Angeles Department of Water and Power workers that had suffered from minor injuries because of a second explosion that had taken place occurred as the two were working on Chef America’s equipment after the first explosion.

When Hazel filed the lawsuit in San Fernando Superior Court she said that the distribution switchboard, circuit breaker as well as any other electrical products or systems were not working properly and they were defective.

shutterstock178505459-electrical-fire-300x200The lawsuit said that they “contained materials which caused them to generate an electrical fire during installation and/or contained a lack of certain components to make them an acceptable standard quality”.

General Electric Co. had manufactured the products and they were also named as defendants in this case.

The suit asks for an unspecified amount to be awarded to Hazel Schaefer and her daughters, Janice Contreras and Joan Forster.


Woman Claims Myrtle Beach Doctor Performed the Wrong Surgery

Chicago native, 32-year-old Crystal Heath traveled to Myrtle Beach to have a procedure done that would augment her buttocks and boost her confidence. She states that she paid $4,400.00 to have this procedure performed. However, instead of gaining a more shapely backside, she received a tummy tuck from her doctor instead. As a result, she had a seven-inch gaping wound and spent 11 days in the hospital recovering. Heath said, “At that moment when everything went wrong, I felt like I was going to die.”

Months prior to scheduling her buttock augmentation, Heath worked hard to restore her health and reclaim the body she had always wanted. Through vigorous workouts and a healthy diet plan, she managed to lose 110 pounds. She was very proud of her accomplishment, but felt she lost her butt along with all of the excess weight. This gave her pause when it came to her self-confidence.

She thought that a buttock augmentation was what would help her to finish her body transformation, so she started looking for doctors capable of performing the procedure. She came across Dr. Omulepu and spent two months saving up to have the procedure done. She chose to come to Myrtle Beach for the surgery after hearing that Dr. Omulepu was both affordable and talented.

Video- Miami plastic surgeon discusses his work

She arrived the day of her surgery ready and eager to complete her transformation. The doctor claims that approximately halfway through this procedure, he discovered that Heath did not have the fat necessary to transfer. He says he woke her up and told her this.

According to Heath, “He told me I didn’t have enough fat to transfer. After he did my lipo on my sides, he told me he woke me up from surgery to tell me I didn’t have enough fat. So that’s how he ended up performing a tummy tuck.

CosmeH_3Shortly after waking up from her surgery and being told what happened, she was discharged and sent to a motel to recover. She returned to the clinic twice to see the doctor, but according to Heath, he did not show up to see her either time. Heath went back to Chicago and headed to a local emergency room where she required emergency surgery for acute kidney failure and an infection.

“Enhancing your body is a personal choice. It can help to build confidence and help someone to feel better about themselves. However, when these procedures go wrong, there are devastating consequences,” say Joe and Martin, medical malpractice lawyers in Myrtle Beach. “When things do go wrong, patients need a lawyer that cares about their well-being, as well as helping them to determine liability and legal recourse.”

The doctor never returned calls for comment and the state medical board in South Carolina is looking into a number of allegations against the doctor. As more information becomes available about what the fate of this doctor is, the information will be released to the public. No date has been set for the hearing as of yet. Doctor Omulepu isn’t the only doctor who is during surgery endangered the patient’s life. Medical malpractice are common case but little information are released to the public. So if you are victim you must to find good attorney. More information you can find at https://myrtlebeach.joeandmartin.com/ site.