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An Ohio School Bus Driver and Sheriff Office Dispatcher Must Defend Themselves in Wrongful Death Lawsuit


It seems like in most cases, when a car and a bus collide, it’s the driver of the car who is found to be at fault. However, a Lisbon Ohio case is breaking the mold.  On November 22, 2014 tragedy struck Lisbon when a car skidded into the path of an oncoming school bus. Three teenagers in the car, 19-year-old Storm Angione, 16-year-old Savannah Russell, and 18-year-old A’liyia Hancock, perished as a result of the collision.


At the time of the accident, the state troopers who first arrived on the tragic scene declared that the accident was a direct result of Savannah Russell, who was driving the car and lost control of her vehicle. The report stated that the school bus driver didn’t have time to stop the bus before striking the smaller car.


No one was surprised when a wrongful death suit was filed, but many were startled to see that one of the names listed on the lawsuit was Deborah Dustman, the driver of the Brown Local School District bus. According the claim, she was driving too fast for the road conditions which meant the impact of the collision was harder than it would have been if she’d been driving slower. What isn’t made clear in the lawsuit is just how fast the bus was traveling.


n4yw1s-b8852539z.120140502150325000gns1sbcp.10In addition to suing the bus driver, the parents of Storm Angione also feel that Tanya McLaughlin, the Columbiana County Sheriff dispatcher who was on duty at the time, should be held responsible for their child’s death. According to the paperwork Angione’s attorney filed, they feel that McLaughlin didn’t respond properly when told the accident was severe and that if she had, it wouldn’t have taken 45 minutes for the EMT’s to reach the scene. The parents feel that it was this delay that made it impossible for their child to survive their injuies. The paperwork filed by Angione’s attorney states that they’re seeking punitive damages for negligence and wrongful death.


In the United States a large portion of the wrongful death lawsuits filed each year are connected to auto accidents. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, in 2008 37,261 wrongful death lawsuits as a result of a vehicular accident were filed.


When a wrongful death lawsuit is filed against someone, it indicates that the loved ones of the victim feel the person named in the lawsuit could have done something differently that would have resulted in a different, less fatal, outcome. In some cases, such as the one in Lisbon, Ohio, it’s believed that the person named in the suit were negligent. Other cases list unjust actions leading up to the fatal accident..

Whether you are someone who has been named in a lawsuit, or you feel you have grounds to file a lawsuit, you need the services of an experienced wrongful death lawyer, like John Bales. Not only does the wrongful death lawyer help file the paperwork and present your case to a presiding judge, they also investigate the circumstance surrounding the vehicular accident and advise you about the best way to proceed.


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