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Mistakes Made by Fort Mill Birthing Center Result in Baby’s Death

The Fort Mill maternity center has been named the defendant in a wrongful death lawsuit filed by a woman who lost her baby as a result of birthing complications.

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Katherine Wagner expected to deliver her child naturally. She was completely prepared to do so in March when she started to go into labor while at the Fort Mills birthing center, but when complications during labor made a natural delivery impossible, she was admitted to the hospital. The medical staff at the hospital was able to save Wagner’s life, but they weren’t able to save the life of her child.

One of the biggest complaints that Wagner lodged against the birthing center is that rather than using an electronic fetal heart monitor to gauge her child’s well-being, the mid-wife used her hand to feel the infant’s heartbeat.

  1. Randall Hood, the attorney assisting the Wagner’s with their lawsuit stated that the center should not have even considered assisting Katherine Wagner when she approached them about assisting with her natural childbirth because a previous miscarriage meant she wasn’t low risk pregnancy.

H23k-0841 (1)This isn’t the first time the Fort Mills birthing center has found itself in the middle of a wrongful death scandal. Six months after Wagner lost her child, another infant died. The second death spurred South Florida’s public health agency into action and they closed the birthing center on a temporary basis. The grounds for the temporary suspension of operation was that South Florida’s Department of Health and Environmental Control found that two of the mid-wives who worked for the enter violated South Florida regulations when they failed to immediately contact the doctor who was on call when it became apparent that the labor was turning into an emergency.

The DHEC is also concerned with the fact that the midwife failed to call an ambulance when it became apparent that the laboring woman needed to be admitted to the emergency room, and instead opted to use her own vehicle to transport her.

Now the Department of Health and Environmental Control fully intends to be more watchful regarding the actions of all the midwives and midwife clinics throughout South Carolina.

In the lawsuit, the reasons Wagner’s provide for naming the Fort Mill birthing center as the defendant is that they used deceptive trade practices.


“South Florida lawmaker specifically create laws in order to prevent situations like this from happening,” said Attorney Matthew J. Jacobs of, South Florida’s top personal injury firm. “If a birthing facility is either unable or unwilling to adhere to the regulations already in place, they need to close their doors. My heart goes out to the family who put their trust in a facility and system that clearly didn’t have their best interests in mind.”

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